the dancer

in this world where only the movements accompanied by melodius tune creates a pathway for my journey... i twirl around in this mist of cconfusion trying to find the meaning of life, understanding my true self and accepting that beautiful love requires hard work...

stubbornly trying to be true to what i believe in, struggling to stand strong about my principles in life and perhaps, willing to believe in miracles...

welcome to shu ying's life, my life...

qoutes...of the month

"time is merely a way to make you realise how beautiful life is if you take the chance to treasure and enjoy every single second there is..."

"there are always opportunities out there within your's challanges and obstacles are not valid excuses not to succeed! strive only for the best!"

"be who you are and never sway..."


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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

let it go,
unclasp that fist,
release that pain
that has been holding back
your tears, your fears...

let it fly,
fly away together
with the wind,
drain away together
with the rain
the tears, the fears...

let it show,
the truth, the lies,
hiding behind those
ugly, black curtains
of tears, of fears...

let it out,
loudly on the highest mountain,
screaming with the loud waves
that drown
those tears, those fears...

away, away... forever...

2:46:00 am

magenta rhapsodies'

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Sunday, July 27, 2008

life's too short to dwell on our mistakes... but to learn from them... sadly, how many of us realise this truth? we put importance on the things that we presume is of priority but we forget the consequences that lies after that... do we know what we are really after, what we really want in life?

memories are thoughts left as rememberance... but sometimes the memories haunt us... not only in our dreams but in reality as well... i keep telling people that the past is the past... but why can't i tell myself the same thing? it's true that it's easier said than done... sooooo much easier... but sometimes, we do understand the receivers' thoughts and situation... it's that time when we feel the loniliest in this world, that no one understands us at all that we end up doing the things we regret the most... it's the time when we needed somebody, anybody the most, that nobody has the time to spare for us... sometimes, it's really about the timing... time, time which is merely an intangible something, that if we place value upon, becomes the highest influence but if ignored, becomes the nothing... the implication is similar on everything in our life...

it's all about our perception, our assumptions, our priorities, our knowledge, our stands, our beliefs, our rights, our fights, our losses, our exposure and our stubborness...

8:03:00 pm

magenta rhapsodies'

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Monday, July 14, 2008

do we ever know what we want in life? i've always thought i knew, knew for certain, the path that i see in front of me, the path that i decide to walk, without hesitation... now, i realise that i know nothing in life that is certain...

is it true that with passion and that burning fire inside your heart, your desire to pursue that certain something in life will be ignited? will continue burning until you are satisfied with your findings... i can no longer feel that passion, that burning fire since a few years back... i sit back, thinking what had gone wrong...

is it true that nothing in life changes? that it's only our perception on things changes? everything stays the same, each story, each personality... it's only when we start viewing things from a different angle, different eye, that we start to grip the reasons, the understanding, the meaning of each story... no matter how many times you look at it, at different angles, the story changes drastically... you begin to understand why that person did what they had to do, why the things that happened happened the way it did...

i guess there's more to life than there is... there's always a reason for everything but sometimes no reason is needed if you truly understand the situation...

can we accept the truth, the reality when it hits us hard, smacks right back at us, the truth that we have been searching for but can never admit it and in the end, look for an explanation to avoid accepting the truth and at the end of it, just swallowing the only thing that we allow, the sheet of lies masking the truth... if you think you are not one of these people, think again, think hard and tell me that you are not guilty of this sin...


8:33:00 pm

magenta rhapsodies'

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Friday, October 05, 2007


i wanna go back to penang!!! my comfortable crib!!! nooooo! why?!!!! *sniffs*

i don't want to be stuck in kl anymore! i miss penang! i wanna stroll on the beach! feel the waves! touch the breeze! without pollution! bluech! i've already started packing! i wanna go back! i've already been drenched with misery for the past fortnight, i just wanna head back home!!!

8:48:00 pm

magenta rhapsodies'

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damn! damn! damn! damn! damn!

i felt a soft brush beside my calf as i was peacefully eating my toast and jam... i turned to look... and totally freaked out~!

there was this extremely HUGE cockroach CRAWLING right beside me! argh! ewww! i took my shieldtox and started aiming for it! so guess what? instead of running on the floor or scurrying away to whatever hole there is or crawl out the window but NO, where did it decide to go?

it headed towards my bed and started jogging around my bed, then my pillow, then my smaller pillow then my bolster, then my pillow again and then all over my bed despite the fact that i've been covering it with whitish toxic vapour... and then, finally it decided to stay at one place... in between my bolster and pillow, what a strategic place!

and after all the minutes of spraying, dirtying my bed, covering it with goodness knows what bacteria, it's still moving, squirming on MY bedsheet! argh! it's like all the roaches have immunity against all insect sprays! i had no choice but to PICK IT UP (well i can't use the dustpan now can i? since it's on my bed! gah!) and threw it into my dustbin and spray it some more! and guess what? after all this, it's still squirming away!!! and it's all oily and stuff d...

now, TWO days before heading back to beautiful penang, i had to wash everything! and let it collect to dust for three months... and talking about three months, i have started packing (note started) and i'm having a headache already...

one violin case, one trolley bag, one bag pack and i still need to carry my hammys and turtys back! how how how? soooooo many things! mum was supposed to come pick me up, but something turned up... so changed of plans...

i just can't wait to get back!!! hehehe yippee!!!

12:20:00 am

magenta rhapsodies'

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Monday, October 01, 2007

finals are finally over but then again, it might still not be over... it's that annoying time awaiting your results... making you toss and turn in your sleep when you know that doomsday has arrived... and it's even worse when the pre-results comes out s-l-0-w-l-y, one by one... and then the actual results later on... i say, it's just a way the university tortures your soul...

and if you don't have that huge PASS in your pre-results, you have to sit for a supplementary paper and get tortured all over again... and if you do, you still get torture for waiting for the actual results... so, who says we have a choice?

*sigh* i'm still stuck in miserable kl... everything in kl involves forking out huge amounts of bills... i miss penang!!! i can't wait to go back, relax on the beach, getting tanned, hiking... heck, there's so many things you can do in penang for free... life's good over there...

i have around two weeks before i start work... i wonder how it will be... hope i'll learn loads of interesting stuff... all i know is i'm working for experience and in shifts... do you think there might be chances that i'll get to see colourful turds or blue blood or weird looking cells under the microscope?? lolz

okay, i'm writting crap d... sorry, was on the phone with mum for quite some time and i lost my train of thoughts... =P

will continue this another day... eye hurts from too much internet access... gotta savour it while i still have it!

ps i'm bored!


12:30:00 am

magenta rhapsodies'

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Thursday, September 27, 2007

stupidity reigns supreme!

4:22:00 pm

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